The Problem

Common Selling Mistakes That Limit Results

Through extensive research, observing and testing thousands of salespeople, we have determined that the most common mistakes that 70% of all salespeople make that significantly reduce their results are:

  • Talk too much, without listening enough
  • Ask the wrong questions
  • Lose control of the conversation
  • Fail to communicate a powerful value proposition
  • Fail to differentiate themselves effectively
  • Get ineffective coaching from their sales managers
  • End calls without asking for commitment

A Better Training and Coaching Approach

Train Salespeople the Way Athletes are Trained!

Most salespeople will improve quickly and learn to sell the way top performers do if they are trained and coached the way elite sports coaches train their athletes. More demonstrations, practice and repetition and less analysis, diagrams and process flows. Get the fundamentals down and then move to the more complex elements of selling. More practice is what’s needed.

  • Break Bad Habits

    Experienced sales coaches replace bad habits with good habits.

  • Learn to Sell Like Top Performers

    We teach your teams the methods used by top sales performers.

  • Relentless Coaching & Practice

    Weekly practice workouts create a “muscle memory” for sales skills.

  • Execute Under Pressure

    Simulated sales calls prepare your team to perform in real-life situations.

How SalesGym Coaching Works

Instead of cramming lots of information and selling tools into a 1-3 day program with travel costs and lost selling time, SalesGym coaching happens in short (about an hour) coaching sessions every week for 10-15 weeks, depending on the project. We learn your business and what your top performers are doing and then coach and rehearse your salespeople with practice drills and intense repetition. This prepares your people to perform better on their sales calls every week and instead of forgetting what they learned, they rehearse and apply it.

Blend Consultative and Insight Led Selling Approaches

"Compete Selling" is SalesGym's latest book that shows exactly what top performers from a wide variety of industries are doing to generate better results. It's a combination of different selling styles that takes the best of relationship building and more assertive "Challenger" style approaches to generate better results.

Enterprise Sales Teams That Have Worked with the SalesGym Team

Get the Book!

Compete Selling

Learn the secrets of today's top sales professionals. This short book shares what top performers are doing differently and teaches your sales teams how to generate better results.

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Connect with a SalesGym Sales Coach

Initiate a stress free conversation that will transform the way you think about training and coaching sales teams!

SalesGym Sales Coaches are experts at improving the way salespeople and sales teams sell …

  • We can identify strategies to get more of your sales team members to sell the way top performers do
  • We’ll share with you the strategies that are working for the best sales organizations in the world
  • We’ll listen to your specific situation and identify the best way to tailor an approach that will work for you
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