The Flaws in Traditional Corporate Sales Training

Corporate sales training is often organized around special events to bring salespeople together. The travel can be expensive, and the opportunity cost of being out of the field can be high. Ideally, sales managers continue the coaching and practice after the training is over, but sales executives tell us repeatedly that this rarely happens. As a result, the training doesn’t stick, and bad habits like talking too much on sales calls, not asking the right questions, and not tailoring a compelling message around the customer’s interests continue to hurt sales results. That’s why SalesGym was created!

Train Your Salespeople the Way Athletes Train

Top athletes work out regularly with a talented coach. Why? Because it’s proven that this method is the most reliable way to break bad habits and ingrain good habits that become second nature. That’s why SalesGym provides weekly “workouts” that consist of online videos, worksheets, and custom audio examples that all lead up to intense, one-on-one, drills-based practice sessions with a skilled sales consultant. This gives salespeople the same training experience that elite athletes get. Sales executives also receive before and after audio of their team members, so they can hear a difference in their selling skills right away.

The Retention Dilemma

On average, 50% of the content learned from a one-time training event is lost in 5 weeks. That jumps to 84% after 12 weeks!

  • Week 1

  • Week 2

  • Week 3

  • Week 4

  • Week 5

  • Week 12

The SalesGym Solution

SalesGym coaches deliver training sessions in 30-minute learning intervals on a weekly basis, driving better engagement and skills retention.

SalesGym’s Unique Approach

Watch SalesGym founder and top sales consultant Michael St Laurent explain why SalesGym's coaching process works so well.

Enterprise Sales Teams That Have Worked with the SalesGym Team

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