Executive Genius

17-week L.A. Times Bestseller by Michael St. Lawrence

If You’re Not Out Selling, You’re Being Outsold

Co-written by Michael St Lawrence

Compete Selling

By Michael St Lawrence, Mark Woodland, Ross Robinson, and Emily Knott

Another book and article project, Timeless Sales Wisdom, will present what we’ve learned from three years of researching, testing, and refining the coaching and training approaches elite athletes use to achieve peak performance. SalesGym adapts the ideas of regular practice with a coach and challenging practice exercises to transform average salespeople into top performers. We’re working with select companies to introduce and test a radically different approach to breaking the stubborn bad habits that limit sales results, including:

  • Talking too much on sales calls
  • Not asking the right insight-led questions
  • Competitive advantages that lack impact and punch
  • Calls that end with no clear action steps
  • Sales Managers who can’t do skills development coaching

Quoting Options

For the people we interview and quote in our books and research projects, we offer three options for how their quotes are credited:

  • Bill Lawson – EVP Sales, Apple
  • Bill Lawson – EVP Sales – Tech Industry
  • BL – EVP Sales – Tech Industry

To learn more, please speak to our SalesGym Director of research:

Emily Knott