Customized Training for Your Sales Team

1. Learn Your Business
2. Custom Online Learning System
3. Challenging Practice Exercises
4. One-on-One Coaching
5. Insightful Reporting

1. Learn Your Business

We interview your top salespeople and create a best practices library of your most effective sales approaches. Then, we bring our experience and insights from working with world-class sales teams to your existing sales process. This is why SalesGym's sales training techniques are more relevant to your organization, compared to other trainings you have experienced.

2. Custom Online Learning System

SalesGym’s learning system, with dynamic best practice recordings and real world examples, is engaging and accelerates the learning pace of your salespeople in a way they’ve never experienced before. A 10am SalesGym training can positively impact a 2pm sales call. And let’s be real: Online sales training is convenient, accessible, and easy to return to again and again. It's also less disruptive than sending your entire team to a sales training event.

3. Challenging Practice Exercises

No other sales training program provides opportunities to train repeatedly, the way top athletes do, so they can perform with confidence under pressure. We’ve created a system in which sales teams can practice their persuasive sales techniques in a more effective way. This just can't be found anywhere else.

4. One-on-One Coaching

SalesGym clients tell us that our one-on-one coaching and sales training techniques, highly customized to their business and sales process, is what generates better results. They prefer this approach because "one-and-done" training events don't include ongoing practice and simply don't stick. SalesGym coaches focus on practice, repetition and helpful demonstrations and feedback which is exactly what salespeople need to build confidence and rapidly improve.

5. Insightful Reporting

Clients tell us our reporting gives them unique insights into how to better manage the improvement process, break bad habits, and improve the performance of their team. Our reporting includes before and after recordings of progress and provides real-time visibility into the progress each salesperson is making, along with insight into how sales managers can motivate the sales team to apply what they’re learning each week on sales calls.

The SalesGym Difference

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Repetition and practice of key messages train salespeople to perform under pressure.

  • Best Practices

    Your salespeople learn how to use the methods of top sales performers.

  • One-on-One Coaching

    Regular coaching helps break bad habits and replaces them with best practices to communicate better under pressure.

  • Self-Assessment

    Before & after recordings provide evidence of both progress and growth.

  • Tailored to You

    We learn your business and help your salespeople craft a better value proposition.

  • Insight-Driven Reports

    Actionable reports help sales executives and managers track team progress.

  • Customized Online Training

    Online training is more convenient, less disruptive and more cost-effective than in-person training.

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