What Happens When Salespeople Train the Way Elite Athletes Train ...

SalesGym practice sessions challenge your salespeople to take their game to the next level by focusing on skills that matter, like how to communicate what makes you different and better than your competitors, asking effective questions, and bringing insights into the conversation that overcome resistance. During each weekly practice session, your salespeople will review highly customized materials and rehearse for upcoming sales calls by practicing elements of  the sales process one at a time until they master them.

The SalesGym coach learns your business  and your sales process and practices with your salespeople until they break the limiting habits that  produce poor results.

The result? A well-trained sales team that can ask better questions, control the sales process, and articulate your company’s differentiating factors to close more deals.

Training Topics That Generate Improvement ...

All SalesGym practice sessions are customized to your team's unique challenges and goals. Below is a sample of some of the most popular topics we can tailor to your business.

  • Communicating more compelling differentiating  factors that are tailored to what matters most to that decision maker
  • How to generate more  immediate interest and break through resistance early in the sales  process
  • Starting every sales interaction with an effective, conversational agenda
  • Breaking the 4 most limiting bad habits that salespeople get into
  • Asking better questions and using effective positioning  statements to create a more  engaging conversation
  • Using more assertive, insight led “Challenger” sales approaches
  • Using discovery summaries effectively
  • How to communicate complex information in a way that gets better  results
  • Vaccinating and responding to objections
  • Success stories to set up more assertive recommendations
  • Using options to close more deals
  • Asking for referrals & developing better referral sources
  • Rehearsing for upcoming sales calls the same way elite athletes prepare for upcoming games

Transform Your Sales Team

Michael St Lawrence, Founder of SalesGym, explains the research revealing the core mistakes over 70% of all salespeople make and how sales managers can learn the most effective coaching method to teach salespeople to sell the way top performers do.

Connect with a SalesGym Sales Coach

Initiate a stress free conversation that will transform the way you think about training and coaching sales teams!

SalesGym Sales Coaches are expert at improving the way salespeople and sales teams sell …

  • We can identify strategies to get more sales team members to sell the way top performers do
  • We’ll share with you the strategies that are working for the best sales organizations in the world
  • We’ll listen to your specific situation and identify the best way to tailor an approach that will work for you
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