What It’s Like to Work Out with SalesGym

SalesGym workouts focus on sales skills training, like how to communicate what makes you different and better than your competitors, asking effective questions, and bringing insights into the conversation that helps to close more deals. During each weekly workout, sales team members will review a custom practice guide online, watch an instructional video, and listen to audio demonstrations of the skill in action. Then, they’ll complete drills with their coach in a 30-minute, rapid-fire practice session.

Post-workout, trainees receive feedback, suggestions for improvement, and instructions for how to prepare for the next workout.

The result? A well-trained sales team that can ask better questions, control the sales process, and articulate your company’s differentiating factors to close more deals.

Sample Workouts

All SalesGym workouts are customized to your team's unique challenges and goals. Below is a sample of some of the most popular topics we can cover during our workouts.

  • Competitive advantages & value proposition communication
  • Personal introductions and a focus on you/your company’s specialized skills
  • Starting calls with a more effective agenda
  • Practice breaking bad habits, like talking too much, not asking enough of the right questions, and not communicating high-impact competitive advantages
  • Using better open-ended questions
  • Using assertive questions
  • Using discovery summaries effectively
  • Using the 3×3 approach to communicate ideas
  • Vaccinating and responding to objections
  • Success stories to set up more assertive recommendations
  • Asking for referrals & developing better referral sources
  • Cumulative role plays and simulations as participants learn more of the content

The Most Common Bad Habits of Salespeople

Learn how to help your salespeople break stubborn bad habits, like talking too much or presenting a value proposition that doesn't differentiate you from your competition, in this video.

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