The inside sales team training consists of:

1. Tailored Content: We interview top performers to hear and organize the sales messaging they use to create better results.  Then, build relevant scenarios and simulations that transfer top performer best practices to the rest of the team.

2. Dynamic Custom Recordings & Materials: We have found that recordings of top performer best practices are critical to breaking bad habits and accelerating the learning pace. We’ve developed a unique way of creating those recordings that our clients rave about.

3. A More Effective Practice System: SalesGym’s practice system gives salespeople the same experience elite athletes get … rigorous workouts with demonstrations, repetition and corrective coaching

4. Individual Regular Coaching Sessions: Every sales rep receives one-on-one coaching over the phone each week with a skilled coach who tailors and puts your team through different “workouts” and simulations, which generates better results in less time.

5. Leadership Reporting: Our reporting gives visibility into the team’s progress, access to best practice recordings of other team members, along with insights into each sales rep’s overall feedback and personal goals.