Experience Salesgym's Approach

Experience this demonstration driven
drills based methodology with 3-4
other participants from your company

Experience this Radically Different Methodology

The only way we’ve found for Sales Leaders, Managers and Trainers to understand how completely different this facilitation methodology is, is to experience a practice drill led by a SalesGym coach as a participant along with 3-4 other people.  There is simply no way to adequately explain how different this approach is as it has to be seen and experienced first hand.

The good news is that you and the other participants will have a great experience, will improve in one of the most important of all selling and influence skills and you’ll see how salespeople respond to rigorous demonstration driven coaching.

Specifics of the practice drill demonstration

  • The topic will be on how to communicate more dynamic and tailored differentiating factors along with asking more relevant and engaging open-ended questions.
  • The demonstration is 60-minutes long and the ideal number of participants is 4. That would be yourself plus 3 other participants, ideally open-minded salespeople in your company that would benefit from some practice and coaching.
  • There is nothing for the participants to prepare prior to the meeting. Just show up on time.
  • A video conference needs to be setup for the participants as the training demonstration will be delivered virtually. Your SalesGym coach can do this or if you’d prefer to set it up and send out the invitations, that’s OK too.
  • Prior to the demonstration session, you’ll need to identify, with your SalesGym Coach, what you consider to be 3 important differentiating factors about your company that all sellers should be able to communicate in a dynamic and compelling way.

After The Demonstration

After the demonstration, you and your SalesGym Coach will set up some virtual preparation sessions to show you how to facilitate the drill you experienced. We’ll share with you what we’ve learned from testing this facilitation approach out with thousands of salespeople over the last seven years. We’ll practice and rehearse with you until you feel confident with the new approach.

Most of the trainers we work with find it more beneficial to go through the certification training process with 2-3 other trainers in their organization. If you would like to invite other trainers you know to experience and learn this new approach, talk to your SalesGym coach about it. 

The preparation sessions that will lead to your first drill certification will focus on:

  • What drills-based practice is and isn’t
  • Understanding why so many salespeople leave training unable to verbalize strong differentiating factors, ask engaging questions and lead a sales-influence conversation the right way
  • Why salespeople tend to avoid practice and how to overcome this
  • What’s unique about demonstration driven facilitation and why it”s the best way, by far, to develop selling muscle memory that really sticks after training
  • Practice giving effective demonstrations and how to use incremental, low interference coaching along with repetition to generate rapid improvement
  • How to facilitate multiple practice attempts in a way that is interesting, challenging and creative

In general, we’ll do everything needed to get you ready to facilitate this practice drill with a group of sellers at your company.  Additionally, we’ll develop at no cost, customized participant materials for you to use when you deliver this drill in the next step of the process that will help the participants you work with in the certification phase to learn quicker. This will allow you to see how the combination of our unique learning materials along with the practice coaching sessions is a better way to train sales teams.


We Will Adapt To Your Company


SalesGym has run practice drills like this thousands of time for companies in nearly all industries … long and short cycle … consultative and transactional … We know how to adapt to your business and make this training extremely relevant to your team members. All SalesGym programs are custom built for our clients which means we listen to their top performers, record how they communicate to the decision makers they meet with and then build the drills that drive the training specific to their selling challenges.

We will do the same thing for you and your company for this initial drill you’ll learn at no cost.


Next Step - Identify The Ideal Participants

Your next task is to identify and invite three other participants to experience this 60-minute practice drill with you.

Ideal participants would be:

  • Middle of the pack performers that would really benefit from some coaching and practice on how they ask questions and tailor their differentiating factors to the decision makers they interact with. 
  • Avoid selecting top or bottom performers for this stage of the process. 
  • Participate yourself and don’t look at this as a training exercise you’ll observe. You’ll get much more out of it by participating alongside the other three people you select.
Some Trainers and Coaches have asked us for text for an announcement / email to go out to the participants they’ve scheduled for this initial practice session. Here is what we would suggest sending out:


Subject Line: Invitation to a dynamic Practice Session with SalesGym

(Text of email) You have been selected to participate in a unique 60-minute training exercise focused on how we communicate our differentiating factors and how we ask more dynamic questions that lead to better results.

  • The practice session will last 60-minutes and it’s important for you to be on time
  • There is nothing to prepare in advance. Just show up.
  • Day / Time: The practice session will be on (Date) from (time) to (time)
  • The video link for the virtual training session is: (video link)

If you have any questions, please contact (your name). We’re looking forward to your feedback on this new approach to training and practice. Thanks in advance for participating!



If you are not in a role where you can set up practice sessions with 3-4 sellers to practice your training skills on, this membership is not a good fit for you at this time. This is a “learn by doing” type of membership and the only way to learn SalesGym’s unique facilitation methodology is to practice your facilitation skills with the people you coach and train.

Please let your SalesGym Coach know if you are not able to set up this demonstration session and future practice sessions.

You may find these links to videos and articles interesting and relevant to the topic if you have time to review them.

“The best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm, on doing today’s work superbly today.”

Dale Carnegie