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“A Radically Different Approach”

Imagine what would happen if your salespeople practiced for an hour or two each week on their selling skills the way sports teams do with repetition and steady improvement?

Practicing how to listen and ask more disruptive questions that help decision makers see the limitations of status quo thinking?

What would be the impact if they practiced, every week, how to communicate tailored, higher impact differentiating factors?

And practiced how to lead a sales interaction where they ask, listen and understand first and stop talking so much early in the sales process?

How would rigorous, demanding weekly practice impact how they identify the resistance and objections that stall deals and how to overcome these obstacles?

Imagine if everyone on the sales team could present complex ideas in a clear, organized and compelling way that has more impact …

These results are possible when three things happen …

  1. Sales Trainers and Managers learn to practice coach the same way elite sports coaches do … Using short, high intensity drills that have immediate impact on communication skills
  2. The sales organization develops a convenient, easy to understand practice system the entire sales team learns how to use on a weekly basis
  3.  The sales organization organizes its sales messaging, disruptive insights and differentiating factors in a way that is easy for sales teams to learn, practice and master

In our research of analyzing hundreds of large and small sales organizations, it is extremely rare that these three elements are in place and often, none of them are.

Your SalesGym Membership will help you bring all three of these elements into your sales organization. The transformative impact of these improvement accelerating factors will shock you.

Our Methodology


  • Drills Based Practice the way it’s done at SalesGym is not a little bit different than how nearly all sales training is presented, it’s radically different. “It feels like an intense sports workout” is how salespeople describe it.
  • SalesGym Training is not condensed into compressed 1-2 day programs that saturate salespeople with too much information, too fast that leads to the well documented retention drop-off effect.
  • SalesGym programs are delivered over a 3 month timeframe with weekly 60-minute practice sessions that enable participants to prepare and rehearse for actual upcoming sales interactions they have.
  • “It’s amazing how tailored the program was” is what Sales Leaders tell us when they observe the programs we build for their companies. We listen to your top performers and how they communicate with high potential decision makers and their approaches get built right into the training.
  • What’s unique about SalesGym’s drills based methodology is  you can use these approaches in all of the other training programs you deliver and they’ll become immediately more engaging and effective.
“This is the way all sales training should be delivered. Short practice sessions week after week until salespeople really get it. They need more practice and less discussion.”
Global Banking Firm
EVP Sales
“We’ve done a lot of training at our company over the years. SalesGym is the only program our salespeople were eager and excited to attend. Their level of engagement in the program was much higher than anything we’ve ever seen.”
“We really liked SalesGym’s train the trainer model. The coaching and attention they gave our sales trainers took them to a much higher level than all the train the trainer programs they’ve been through combined.”
VP Sales Enablement
Global Social Media Company
“I thought I was good at asking questions and telling stories that got decision makers engaged. I had no idea how much I had to learn before taking SalesGym. Their training and new approaches I learned were on another level completely.”

A Radically Different Approach!


Learn to train and coach the way elite sports coaches do!