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A unique, no cost 30-day membership for sales trainers to learn and become certified on how to train sales teams the way elite sports coaches train their athletes

“Every time I meet a sales trainer now, I tell them the same thing which is to get certified in your first topic area with SalesGym. That experience will completely change the way you approach training and it will be the single most important career accelerating step you can take. This is sales training on a completely different level and until you learn it, you’re kind of doing training in slow motion.”

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30-days of no cost direct access to a Master SalesGym Coach that will work with you one-on-one to get you certified to facilitate a critically important SalesGym practice drill

A free copy of “How to Influence”, SalesGym’s latest book on the influence dynamics top performers use to generate better results

Ability to experience a drills-based practice session on sales messaging, asking disruptive questions and communicating from the decision maker’s perspective

A significant discount to become certified in additional practice drills that address all the skills needed at every stage of the sales cycle

Drills Based Training

Certification Skill Areas

SalesGym’s approach trains and certifies trainers and coaches to run a wide variety of drills that are best suited to the sales teams they work with. For example, the drills that would be a good fit for a short cycle B2C sales team would not be the same as the drills needed for longer cycle, B2B consultative selling where more disruptive approaches are needed. The following are a variety of drills that trainers get certified in that are designed around SalesGym’s radically different drills based methodology

When we first looked at the training topic certification areas in SalesGym’s Train the Trainer program, our first reaction was that we already were doing that in other programs we had developed. Then, we went through the SalesGym approach to these topics and it’s like the difference between high school and grad school. The SalesGym approach is just on a completely different level. Much more sophisticated and advanced.

“I think most of our Sales Trainers, if you would have asked them a year ago if they knew how to run sales practice drills would have said yes. What they learned when they became certified to run their first SalesGym drill is that they really didn’t understand what a fast paced practice drill was. This is quite different from the more familiar role playing and far more effective. SalesGym says they learned this approach by observing top tier sports coaches and it’s clear that this is what makes their approach so effective.”

“What I learned from SalesGym is just how critical it is to coach the coaches. Seems so obvious but before SalesGym, no one in our organization was really showing Sales Managers how to coach the right way. SalesGym changed that!”
Global Banking Firm
Training Director
“I thought we had a solid sales training program in place. Then we did a pilot to see SalesGym’s different approach. Wow, what a difference. You truly have experience their drills based approach to understand why it’s so much more effective.”
“The change in how our front-line Sales Managers coach and work with the sales team since we got into SalesGym is like night and day. Their drills based coaching system is like rocket fuel when it comes to accelerating performance.”
VP North American Sales
Global Social Media Company
“I wish we had found SalesGym 10 years ago. When I think of all the training we did that was quickly forgotten and had minimal impact, it just makes me want to cry. They have figured out a much better way to lead and coach sales teams.”

In The Beginning


In 2018, our team at the SalesGym began interviewing sales executives that managed sales forces of at least 25 people, and some as many as 25,000. Over a two year period, we interviewed 350 of these high level executives. Every interview started with the same open-ended question:

When you observe your salespeople on actual live sales calls or sales meetings, what are the mistakes they make that have the most limiting impact on their results?

In virtually every interview, these four factors came up much more often than all other factors combined as the most limiting chronic mistakes salespeople make that lower their odds of success:

The general consensus of these 350 sales leaders was that two or more of these mistakes happen on about 70 percent of all sales calls or meetings

We can assure you that every book that has ever been written on sales, and every training program on selling ever delivered to the millions of sellers and Sales Leaders out there today, focused on all four of these problem areas. Every. Single. One.

From observation of the thousands of salespeople we work with every year, these results limiting mistakes are just as prevalent today as when we did the research and testing. This is largely because of the extreme focus on sales technology and more “efficient” training approaches that expect salespeople to learn highly sophisticated communication and interpersonal skills through analysis, discussion, and online tools but with minimal practice.

The bottom line is, traditional approaches to managing and coaching sales teams has minimal impact on the most limiting mistakes they make. This SalesGym membership will show you a radically different approach based on how the best coaches in the world create astonishing levels of performance with elite sports teams and performing artists.

“This is a better way to train and coach sales teams. The impact on our front line sales managers has been absolutely astounding. Finally, they are coaching their salespeople in a way that has real impact. That just never happened before. It’s all because they’ve learned how to run practice drills that have immediate impact.”

“Before SalesGym, we didn’t have a practice system for our sales teams at all. In fact, we didn’t even know what a practice system was. Once SalesGym helped us build one that was tailored to our sales process, results really took off.”
Global Call Center Vendor
EVP Sales
“Before SalesGym, all of our sales training was pretty much event driven, delivered at big splashy annual conferences and smaller regional meetings. Lots of great content, but very little follow up and actual change in how our people sold. SalesGym is a much better way to build top performers.”
“I see my role as our sales team leader completely differently because of SalesGym. I am much more in touch with what salespeople are doing on sales calls and how my Sales Managers are coaching them. And wow, what an impact!”
EVP Sales Americas
Corporate Retirement Plan Provider
“What I learned from SalesGym boils down to one giant golden nugget. That the best way to lead sales people is to coach them the same way pro sports teams do.”

A Better Way to
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