SalesGym Programs

All SalesGym training programs are delivered virtually in once a week, 60-minute practice sessions. Participants prepare by reviewing highly customized learning materials on our unique e-learning platform which requires about 30-45 minutes a week. Programs range from 7-12 weeks, depending on how many topics are built into the program. Maximum of five participants per group/cohort. Programs are delivered by SalesGym or through our train the trainer program.

4 SalesGym Programs

  • Foundational Selling Skills
  • More Advanced Disruptive Selling Skills
  • Influencer Skills for Non Sellers
  • Practice Coaching Skills for Sales Managers

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  • The core selling and influence skills for salespeople that speak and meet with decision makers
  • Typical program is 10-12 weeks depending on what topics are selected.
  • Strong emphasis on breaking the four most results limiting bad habits salespeople get into including talking too much, asking ineffective questions, over reacting to smaller opportunities and poor closing approaches.
  • This program can be tailored to groups that have more of a new business development focus or account development focus.
  • Communicating dynamic differentiating
  • More dynamic personal introductions
  • Responding to questions and concerns
  • Controlling the conversation
  • Asking more effective questions
  • Generating curiosity for new meetings
  • Using summaries and transitions
  • More dynamic storytelling
  • How to use menu and insight questions
  • Leading the ask/listen/understand first
  • Presenting ideas in a more clear, concise and
    dynamic way
  • Overcoming objections and resistance
  • Communicating with “Power of 3” frameworks
  • Better closing strategies including stories and
    offering options / choices



  • More advanced selling and influence skills for salespeople that have completed SalesGym 1.0
  • This program is typically 7 weeks in length, presented in weekly 60-minute practice sessions
  • Program emphasis is on how to use the more disruptive challenger-style strategies in a way that breaks
    through status quo thinking while building trust and rapport
  • Positioning yourself as a tier one thought
  • Using research and insights to position more
    disruptive questions
  • Bringing the risks of the status quo into the
    conversation without fracturing rapport
  • Organizing presentations that are more
    engaging and dynamic
  • How to position game changing ideas with
    stories and breakthrough outcomes
  • Shrinking the sales cycle by eliminating the
    mistakes that stall the sales process
  • Advanced sales messaging practice


  • This program is 10-12 weeks in length, depending on the topics selected
  • This program is designed for people in more of a consulting role that meet with clients, deliver project work and are in a position and are in a perfect position to sell additional projects and develop stronger rainmaker skills
  • Less emphasis on terms and phrasing that turns consultants off about “selling”
  • More emphasis on how to introduce new ideas and projects to existing relationships while networking inside and outside of accounts to grow a business generating network
  • Many of the same topics are used from SalesGym 1.0 but are adapted to the needs of people in more of a consulting role.


  • Built for people in non-selling roles that participate in and lead meetings and need to influence others.
  • This program is typically 8 weeks, presented in weekly 60-minute practice sessions
  • Ideal fit for people that need stronger skills at leading meetings that produce better results
  • Introducing yourself in meetings and
    explaining what you do in a more clear and
    dynamic way
  • How to plan and structure an ideal meeting
  • Starting meetings the right way
  • The dynamics of influence and how to use
    them in meetings you facilitate
  • How to bring more inspirational and
    motivational dynamics into meetings
  • The ideal problem solving framework and
    how to facilitate it in meetings
  • How to keep meetings on track, even with
    people that tend to go off on tangents
  • Using summaries to stay on track
  • Presenting ideas, solutions and recommendations more effectively
  • How to pivot away from topics and
    interaction that is not productive in meetings
  • Managing the clock and capturing follow up
    items and next steps
  • Ending meetings the right way


  • Built for front line Sales Managers that directly manage salespeople and have the responsibility to coach them for better performance
  • This program is typically 7 weeks in length and participants must have completed SalesGym 1.0
  • Primary focus is on learning to coach and practice in a way that is similar to how elite sports coaches prepare their athletes to perform under pressure
  • Sales Managers learn how to run short, high intensity practice drills based on the influence frameworks presented in SalesGym 1.0
  • Strong focus on how to raise expectations and practice in a way that breaks bad habits and reinforces the selling skills that top performers use.

The Secret Missing In Most Sales Training


Most sales training these days seems to
put a lot of focus on understanding the
sales cycle and/or process, depending on
how they define the terms. It’s important
for the sales team to understand those
elements, but these tend to be analytic
factors that often have minimal impact on how salespeople perform under pressure when it matters most.


Demonstration Driven Training Methodology

SalesGym puts salespeople through repeated short, intense communication drills to improve their ability to execute these results determining dynamics with confidence and competence. These are not analytic, discussion topics, they’re the capabilities salespeople need to increase their odds of success. Understanding how to ask more disruptive questions or how to present in a more concise way is easy from an intellectual standpoint, but executing under pressure is very difficult. SalesGym's unique training approach, modeled after how elite sports coaches work with their athletes, is what makes these programs so effective.


A Better Way to
Train Sales Teams


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