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SalesGym’s founders have studied thousands of top performing sales people and leaders over the last 30 years. The approaches in these books showcase how to use consultative and more disruptive approaches to get better results. "How to Influence" is our most recent book that brings in our most current thinking based on changes brought on by the pandemic and the shift toward MRR / platform based products and services.

How to Influence

By Michael St Lawrence

Based on a 3 year research project that involved interviews with over 300 Sales Executives, this compact book examines why over 80% of all salespeople in all industries make the same four results limiting mistakes on most of their sales interactions. The book shows exactly what needs to happen to break these bad habits with clear, easy to execute examples of what top performers do today that all salespeople can learn and master.

“How to influence is a better way to sell. I’ve read a lot of books on selling and have never seen a more effective way of approaching a sales interaction and communicating in a way that really differentiates what we do from our competitors. This is a more modern approach to selling that combines the best of relationship building and disruptive, challenger style selling.”
IT Services Account Manager
“We use 'How to Influence’ in all of our internal sales training programs because it’s easy for salespeople to understand and use. What’s unique about it is just how much practical information is packed into a quick reading book. Our Sales Trainers use it constantly in the programs they present.”
Training Director - Global Financial Services Firm

If You’re Not Out Selling, You’re Being Outsold

Co-written by Michael St Lawrence

A 17-week L.A. Times bestseller, SalesGym founder Michael St Lawrence’s book approaches the art of selling in a witty and inspiring way, drawing upon dozens of interviews with top sales professionals.

“The authors candidly recognize what ingredients are required for reaching success, and they have blueprinted a constructive approach that can apply to anyone, whether they are contemplating entering sales, or have made sales their career.”
Nicholas D. Wolkonsky, Director of Sales, High Volume Division, Western Region, ADT Security Services, Inc.
“An inspiring book written by two professionals who actually do sell. I found the principles and techniques easy to follow and implement. I am buying copies of this book for all my sales managers.”
Robert Coakley, Divisional Director of Sales, Alamo Rent a Car, Inc.

Compete Selling

By Michael St Lawrence and Emily Knott

Written by the SalesGym founders, Compete Selling is the first book to show salespeople how to blend consultative selling and more assertive, insight-led approaches, while building trust. To write the book, the authors leveraged 30 years of research and consulting experience with top global companies, as well as recent interviews with hundreds of top sales executives about sales performance management and sales techniques. Compete Selling will show you exactly what top performers are doing differently and how you can generate the same results.

"After being in sales and managing sales teams for 17 years, this book is a breath of fresh air. It bridges the gap between relationship and assertive selling skills."
Eric Lenk
"Whether you are a 10 year veteran or just starting out in sales, this book will change your game. Most sales books out there are unnecessarily wordy and usually become redundant. Not this book."
Lindsay Yanco

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