Sales Trainers, Coaches and Managers that get certified to deliver SalesGym’s unique drills based training learn a radically different, far more effective way of practicing with sales teams. This approach is based on how elite sports coaches train and prepare their players for competition under pressure.

“I’ve been through a lot of sales training certification programs. Nearly all of them focus on how to deliver the content of that program and usually the content is pretty good. What makes SalesGym so completely different is the extreme focus on drills based practice and coaching. It’s like Navy Seals level training. My delivery skills went so far above what I ever thought possible as a result of their TTT training. It’s another level completely.”

Drills Based Training

SalesGym Certification Methodology

SalesGym’s approach trains and certifies trainers and coaches to run a wide variety of drills that are best suited to the sales teams they work with. For example, the drills that would be a good fit for a short cycle B2C sales team would not be the same as the drills needed for longer cycle, B2B consultative selling where more disruptive approaches are needed. Trainers and coaches  typically learn the SalesGym delivery system in phases that are broken down into a series such as sales messaging, or asking more disruptive questions, or presenting ideas in a more compelling way.

The following steps are how most trainers and coaches become certified to train and coach using SalesGym’s system and materials..

Steps 1-3 Are Typically Done in a Live 3-Day Intensive

Sales Messaging Series

  • 5 training drills on how to communicate higher impact differentiating factors and value proposition elements
  • Strong focus on communicating competitive advantages through the eyes of what decision makers value most
  • This series has immediate impact on how participants use engaging questions to drive a more productive sales interaction

Leading the Ask > Listen > Understand first Influence Series

  • 5 training drills on how to set up and lead sales meetings that are focused on better questions, listening, understanding and summarizing before selling
  • Intense practice on how to set up the types of questions that reveal bigger selling opportunities
  • This series combines elements of relationship and trust building  consultative selling with more disruptive approaches to asking questions

Higher Impact Presentations Skills Series

  • 5 training drills on more dynamic and effective presentation frameworks that enable participants to communicate complex ideas in a far more effective way
  • The communication frameworks in this program, along with the practice drills, train participants to be more concise, clear and to the point
  • Participants learn a more story driven approach to presentations

Disruptive Selling Skills Series

  • 5 training drills on how to use challenger-style disruptive selling approaches in a way that builds rapport and trust instead of fracturing it
  • Participants learn to identify and overcome status quo thinking that increases their odds of success with resistant decision makers dramatically
  • This is an advanced program suitable for participants that have completed the other series first

What's Next

Next Comes Co-Facilitation With a Master SalesGym Coach

After steps 1-3, trainers put together cohorts of 4 participants each, they can co-facilitate with a SalesGym Master Coach observing and giving feedback. The training is ideally delivered virtually so it is less disruptive for the sales team. Each practice session lasts for 60-minutes. After delivering all the drills of the series to a minimum of 3 cohorts, trainers are eligible to be certified for that series. If additional coaching is needed to achieve certification, the SalesGym Master Coach will provide that.

Pricing and Logistics

There are a number of variables that go into the pricing to get certified in each of the series. Variables that impact the pricing include:

To be absolutely clear, this is a more difficult facilitation approach than anything you’ve ever been exposed to. You will be challenged in ways you currently cannot imagine. Your facilitation, demonstration and practicing skills will go to a much higher level.

What we suggest is you set up a conversation with a Master SalesGym Coach to discuss your situation, your development goals and the sales team(s) you work with. 

We can set up a demonstration of this unique delivery methodology for you to see at your company with your salespeople. You’ll see how they respond and just how quickly demonstration driven coaching impacts how they communicate.

“It’s impossible to understand how different and more effective SalesGym’s demonstration driven approach is. Whatever you think it is, I can guarantee you, that’s not it. This is a radically different approach to coaching salespeople that is simply far more effective”
Global Banking Firm
Training Director
“I’m certified in 4 different sales training programs from different companies. I thought I pretty much knew it all. Wow, was I wrong. SalesGym’s drills are absolutely next level. The certification training I went through changed completely how I now approach training in everything I do.”
“What I would say to any sales trainer thinking about getting SalesGym certified is just figure out a way to do it. Your potential will go to another level. This program will turbo charge the way you communicate and work with sales teams..”
VP North American Sales
Global Social Media Company
“Our sales trainers absolutely love delivering SalesGym programs. They’re far more dynamic, engaging and most of all, they move the needle with sales results more than anything else we’ve done … and we’ve done it all.”

A Better Way to
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