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Three things clients tell us over and over when we start working with them to quickly accelerate the improvement of their sales teams to get more of their sellers to sell the way top performers do are:

  1. Our materials, examples, sales messaging and sales process is ultra-tailored to their sales organizations. In nearly all cases, they’re very surprised at how customized the materials are.
  2. How we bring in top performer best practices from other companies and industries that blend the best of consultative and challenger approaches that middle performing sellers can actually learn and master.
  3. The immediate increase in practice and rehearsing they see between their sellers and sales managers that has real impact on selling results.

Typical Steps to a Project …

All of our projects start with listening to top performers. What are they saying and doing on sales calls that is transferable to the rest of the sales team? What process steps are they following and what are the keys to the questions they ask and the way they communicate competitive advantages and value proposition elements?

Next we identify top performer best practices from other industries and companies that would be important to consider adding to the training because they’ll make the training more effective and generate better results on sales calls.

Then, we create learning materials that include topic guides, top performer example recordings and practice worksheets that participants can study online to prepare for coaching sessions. They read and hear examples of how top performers sell and this dramatically accelerates their learning process.

Next, we prepare the practice drills and exercises that will break the results limiting communication habits the sales team has gotten into and structure rehearsal sessions that dramatically improve performance on upcoming sales calls. SalesGym coaches practice the drills to prepare for the launch of the training-coaching phase of the project.

Finally, we enter into the practice coaching phase where a highly trained SalesGym coach works directly with the sales team similar to how an elite sports coach prepares a team for high pressure competition. These drills-based practice sessions are demanding because the goal is to change the way sellers communicate and break the habits that cause sellers to talk to much, ask too many ineffective questions and deliver ineffective value statements and differentiating factors.

The bottom line is …

Most sellers make the same mistakes on sales call after sales call. They talk too much, can’t communicate compelling and tailored competitive advantages and don’t close the right way. It takes intense practice to develop those skills the same way it takes intense practice for athletes to perform at the highest level under pressure. This is the kind of practice sellers rarely get in training programs or meetings with their sales managers. SaleGym brings this discipline into sales organizations in a cost efficient way.

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