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Most sales training these days impacts primarily the way salespeople think, plan and prepare for sales calls. The training tends to be analytic and discussion based. Often, salespeople leave the training unable to verbalize the new concepts and approaches they’ve been exposed to in their sales interactions. 

SalesGym training is radically different. It immediately impacts the way salespeople communicate, under pressure when it matters most. That’s because the training is delivered the way elite sports coaches prepare their athletes for competition.

These short before and after videos show the impact of a 60-minute practice session on how typical salespeople improve. Most salespeople tell us they improve more in one coaching session than all the training programs they’ve attended combined. See and hear the improvement in these videos.

Impact of 60-minutes of SalesGym Coaching

Before / After Examples

This video shows the immediate impact of how Brittany communicates her value proposition. In this drill, she learned to use more of the voice of the client in her explanation to become more relevant to the needs of her prospect.

This video shows how Brittany learned to start a meeting with a far more engaging, ask> listen> understand first agenda as opposed to how most salespeople communicate their agendas. Notice how much more engaging she becomes.

This video shows how Jackie learned to introduce herself in a way that projects more competence and thought leadership credibility as opposed to the dull way most salespeople introduce themselves. This is exactly what happens with practice and coaching.

This video shows how Jackie learned to communicate what differentiates her from other Financial Advisors she competes with. Notice how she communicates more relevant differentiating factors as a result of the practice and coaching.

“Going through SalesGym practice sessions is like going for a workout. It really stretches your communication skills to the next level. Most training I’ve been through is pretty analytic and there really isn’t all that much practice, at least not nearly as much as compared to SalesGym. My ability to ask effective questions and how I explain what we do and what differentiates us has improved dramatically because of SalesGym. And, wow, those practice sessions are challenging and fun. There’s nothing quite like hitting the gym!”

The best way to understand SalesGym’s radically different approach and impact is to go through a workout. We’ll put you through a challenging and fun practice drill that will have immediate positive impact in the same way you saw in the before / after videos. Contact us so you too can see what it’s like to hit the gym!


Questions Sales Trainers often Ask ...


Roughly half of our clients ask us to train and certify their in-house trainers to deliver our programs. The other half prefers that our SalesGym Master Coaches deliver the training and in some cases it’s a hybrid of both. Our TTT certification process is rigorous and demanding and nearly all trainers that go through it tell is it’s one of the most important career growth steps of their lives.


In fact, our programs are often more tailored to the specific needs of our clients than their internally developed programs. The process to tailor the materials begins by listening to your top performers and putting them through a series of questions where they respond as if speaking to actual decision makers they meet with. We record these conversations as this helps us develop very specific sales messaging that becomes a key element of the learning materials that help participants prepare for the practice sessions.

We also learn the specifics of the sales cycle and whatever sales process terminology exists and adjust the program to reflect this.


We have very specific examples and case studies from projects we have delivered. Contact us directly to discuss as our clients in nearly all of the projects we deliver involve some form of a non disclosure agreement. Because SalesGym programs are not compressed into 2-3 days and are instead delivered over a 7-12 week period, we’re able to measure real selling successes while the participants are in the program.

If you contact us, we can walk you through more of the ROI factors.

We have delivered projects to a wide variety of industries including:

  • Financial Services
  • Global / Regional Banking
  • Employee Benefits / Insurance
  • Global Telecom
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Global Search Engine Advertising
  • IT Distribution
  • Hardware Distribution
  • Global Clothing Brands
  • Digital Education Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Legal & Accounting Services
  • SaaS Platforms Selling
  • Cyber Security Software
  • Website Design Services
  • Property Management
  • Assisted Living Facilities

Each of these projects involved learning first from their top performers and then creating highly customized learning materials. 

SalesGym offers 4 distinct programs

– Foundational Selling Skills

– Advanced Disruptive Selling

– Coaching Skills for Sales Managers

– Influencer Training – For people not in sales

Each of these programs utilizes the same radically different practice methodology based on how elite sports coaches train their athletes for competition.

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Salespeople across all industries tend to make similar mistakes that lower their odds of success. The four most common mistakes are:

– Talking too much, especially early in the sales cycle

– Not asking the right questions with the right phrasing

– Inability to communicate differentiating factors that have real impact

– Ineffective closing strategies that lower their odds of success

These results limiters develop because salespeople get into communication habits that lower their effectiveness. These habits are hard to break because understanding what to say and how to say it in a sales context is easy … being able to execute it under pressure is very difficult. 

SalesGym focuses on the core influence dynamics 

– How to plan for a sales interaction

– Starting sales / influence interactions the right way

– Using anchor, menu and insight driven questions to lead a more engaging conversation that helps break through status quo thinking

– How to communicate much more powerful differentiating factors

– Storytelling and how to use it in selling situations

– Responding to the most fundamental questions all decision makers have

– When and how to use summaries in the influence process

– Presenting more effectively with the Power of 3 framework

– Lowering resistance and generating more curiosity early in the sales cycle

– Overcoming objections and more effective closing approaches

The 30-day no cost SalesGym membership will enable you to experience this drills based methodology focused on communicating much more powerful, highly tailored differentiating factors. You’ll learn how to run a high impact sales messaging drill that you can insert into all the other training programs you deliver.

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