The Problem

The Bad Habits of Sales Teams

Sales executives tell us that sales training programs often fail to break bad selling habits, and their teams continue to:

  • Talk too much, without listening enough
  • Ask the wrong questions
  • Lose control of the conversation
  • Fail to communicate a powerful value proposition
  • Fail to differentiate themselves effectively
  • Get ineffective coaching from their sales managers
  • End calls without asking for commitment

The Solution

A Better Way to Train Sales Teams

Bad habits are hard to break, which is why one-time sales training events don’t produce lasting change and significant results. Just like top athletes, your sales team needs a sales training program that combines consistent practice and professional coaching to build – and retain – the strong selling habits needed to close more sales.

  • Break Bad Habits

    Experienced sales coaches replace bad habits with good habits.

  • Learn to Sell Like Top Performers

    We teach your teams the methods used by top sales performers.

  • Relentless Coaching & Practice

    Weekly practice workouts create a “muscle memory” for sales skills.

  • Execute Under Pressure

    Simulated sales calls prepare your team to perform in real-life situations.

How We Do It

Pulling sales reps from the field to complete a training program is a costly challenge that can disrupt performance. That's why our remote training format blends personalization with convenience.

Improve Team Performance with Practice Coaching

Find out why regular skills development and coaching is so important to improving team performance – and how SalesGym can help take the burden off sales executives.

Enterprise Sales Teams That Have Worked with the SalesGym Team

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