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This unique membership will enable you to experience, learn and get certified to facilitate a SalesGym topic that rapidly improves sales messaging and questioning skills. At no cost, you’ll work one-on-one with a Master SalesGym Coach to experience and learn a radically different coaching style that is driven by demonstrations and drills based coaching. 

This facilitation approach was developed by studying how elite sports coaches train their athletes. Sales Trainers across the country tell us it’s a radically different approach from anything they’ve ever experienced and it has faster, more positive impact on how salespeople communicate than any program they’ve ever seen.

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If you manage at least 5 salespeople and can schedule practice sessions with them, then you should definitely join to try out the 30-day no cost membership. You’ll work one-on-one with a Master SalesGym Coach that will show you how to run practice drills in your meetings with your team the same way elite sports coaches do. This is the ideal way to sales coach and we’ll show you how to do it.

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Salespeople tend to make similar mistakes that lower their odds of success. The four most common mistakes are:

– Talking too much, especially early in the sales cycle

– Not asking the right questions with the right phrasing

– Inability to communicate differentiating factors that have real impact

– Ineffective closing strategies that lower their odds of success

These results limiters develop because salespeople get into communication habits that lower their effectiveness. These habits are hard to break because understanding what to say and how to say it in a sales context is easy … being able to execute it under pressure is very difficult. 

SalesGym focuses on the core influence dynamics 

– How to plan for a sales interaction

– Starting sales / influence interactions the right way

– Using anchor, menu and insight driven questions to lead a more engaging conversation that helps break through status quo thinking

– How to communicate much more powerful differentiating factors

– Storytelling and how to use it in selling situations

– Responding to the most fundamental questions all decision makers have

– When and how to use summaries in the influence process

– Presenting more effectively with the Power of 3 framework

– Lowering resistance and generating more curiosity early in the sales cycle

– Overcoming objections and more effective closing approaches

The 30-day no cost SalesGym membership will enable you to experience this drills based methodology focused on communicating much more powerful, highly tailored differentiating factors. You’ll learn how to run a high impact sales messaging drill that you can insert into all the other training programs you deliver.

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SalesGym offers 4 Distinct programs

– Foundational Selling Skills

– Advanced Disruptive Selling

– Coaching Skills for Sales Managers

– Influencer Training – For people not in sales

Each of these programs utilizes the same radically different practice methodology based on how elite sports coaches train their athletes for competition.

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90% of all sales training programs are delivered with an analytic, discussion based delivery style. Concepts, models and processes are presented at a rapid pace that allows for a lot of questions and discussion, but participants practice the communication elements of selling a relatively small percentage of the time they spend in training.

The SalesGym methodology is radically different because there isn’t as much discussion because the facilitator leads rapid paced drills, much the way a sports coach would work with an athlete to develop muscle memory. Salespeople that go through this training tell us it literally feels like a workout that stretches their core influence skills in ways they’ve never experienced.

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